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 Focus groups are an excellent way to get people's opinions of your products and/or services.  But to get the most out of a focus group, you need to observe it.  Most of the time, budget, schedule, travel, or timing constraints can prevent you or others from viewing the groups firsthand. 

While traditional videoconferencing is great, it is expensive. You either have to go to a videoconferencing location or use special hardware to take advantage of it from your office, and then, still pay a fee for the actual viewing time.

Private Video Streaming by Streamline Universal

This is why we offer video streaming of our focus groups with Streamline Universal.  It's a much more affordable way to view your focus groups without having to leave your home or office.  

  • You don't have travel expenses, or loose valuable productive time away from your home or office.  
  • All you have to do is log on to a secure Internet link;
  • Use a protective password to observe your focus groups on real time.  
  • The focus groups are recorded and archived for 30 days at Streamline Universal in which you can access the recordings for further analysis and evaluation.  
  • It's a way modern technology can help you be more productive and cost effective.

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