Where to stay and written instructions to get to our Facility.


Hotels in Pharr


Here is the information you need, if you are arriving in McAllen. The hotels are located in the vicinity of the airport, none however are further than a half mile from the McAllen airport. The Country Inn & Suites is three blocks away. You simply exit from the airport and turn right on Wichita St. which is the first traffic light, you turn left on 10th St. and it’s on your right two blocks down. You can also cross 10th St. on Wichita and drive East two blocks you will see the Marriott Courtyard on your left. You continue traveling East on Wichita until you reach 2nd St., you turn left travel for two blocks and you will see the Embassy Suites Hotel on your left. I recommend these hotels as well. The phone numbers are (956) 618-2424 for the Country Inn & Suites, (956) 668-7800 for the Marriott Courtyard, and (956) 686-3000 for the Embassy Suites Hotel. If you are coming from McAllen you can print out this map or check out the version here.

Here is the information you need if arriving from Harlingen. Directions from the Harlingen airport to our facility are fairly simple. (Map is here.) You drive out the airport parking lot and get on Loop 499 and turn right you will travel West until you reach Expressway 77. You will need to get on Expressway 77 and travel South about 1 mile towards the Hwy. 83 interchange there is some construction so be careful. When you get to the interchange look for and take the McAllen exit ramp. You will need to travel West on Expressway 83 to Pharr which is approximately 35 miles. When you get to Pharr take the South Hwy. 281 exit, continue on the access road until you reach the traffic light. You take a left on Hwy 281 also known as Cage Blvd. and go six blocks South, until you reach Business Hwy 83. You turn right on Business Hwy. 83 and go two blocks until you reach Bluebonnet St. which is the next traffic light. You turn left drive a short block the next street is Park Ave. and the Pharr Post Office is on the corner of Park Ave. and Bluebonnet. Our office is located next to the Post Office the address is 303 West Park Avenue. The building is a light brown color with a green canopy above the front door. You will see our Company name up on the door so you can’t miss it.

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