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"The Hispanic Focus Research firm of South Texas and Northern Mexico

Welcome to the border of South Texas and Mexico.

We are a focus group research facility in South Texas.
We offer our marketing research services to National and International Corporations who have a business interest in our geographic area.
We provide access to the Hispanic, Mexican, and Mexican American population

Now. Latinos in America have never been stronger or more relevant. We account for more than 18.1% of the U.S. population, $2.13 trillion of GDP, 46% of employment growth, and, by 2020, 31.5 million voters. And we’re the youngest majority in America.

Experience Counts

  • We've been serving the needs of our research clients from across the U.S. and Mexico since 1989.
  • Our experience in recruiting for focus groups runs to hundreds of groups and thousands of participants.
  • Positive results with three regional malls in McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville, as well as in Laredo assure ready compliance for intercept studies.
  •  We have a reputation with our many satisfied customers as being a "can do" organization.

We know how important completion dates and budgets are to our clients and we strive to meet them.

No mañana attitudes here!


Hispanic Focus Unlimited offers a fully equipped focus group facility with separate viewing area, sound system, and audio/video recording equipment.

Simultaneous viewing at the client's home or office is optional using Video Streaming through "Streamline Universal"

Factoids on South Texas area:
  • 90/10 Hispanic/Anglo ethnic mix
  • The fastest growth area in Texas
  • Third fastest growth area in the U.S.
  • Current South Texas population over 1.5 million, plus 1.8 million across the border in Mexico,
  • Diverse, yet linked communities, for specific test marketing and sampling.
  • Winter home to more than 150,000 retirees
  • Major shopping/vacation area for Mexican Citizens.
  • Near to South Padre Island...a major Spring Break survey opportunity.
  • Consumer Research
  • Music Tests
  • Hispanic Focus Group Moderator
  • Taste Tests
  • English/Spanish Questionnaire Development
  • Test Kitchen
  • Bilingual Interviewers
  • Audits & Surveys
  • Legal Focus Groups
  • Mall Intercepts
  • Mock Trials
  • Mystery Shopping

Give us a try!

We can get the job done...on time and within the budget. Call for a list of some of our satisfied customers. We're sure that if you want to know about the behavior and attitudes/opinions of the Hispanic market, you'll be pleased with us. Hispanics are our primary Focus!

Hispanic Focus Research

Hispanic Focus Unlimited 303 W. Newcombe Ave. Pharr, TX 78577

Ruben Sergio Cuellar, CEO (956) 501-4211

Email: hispanicfocus1990@gmail.com

Focus Group Facility,

 Elda S. Cuellar, VP (956) 792-4413


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